Hello, my name is Mia Zaragoza and I was diagnosed with Guillian-Barré Syndrome. I was paralyzed from the neck down for 2 months. I was able to regain the use of my legs but GBS left me with very painful severe muscle spasms nightly and leg cramps daily. I took the prescriptions given to me by my doctors but they did not work. I started to look for a natural more reliable remedy and came across CBD oil. I have tried many brands and have cine to find ONLY one brand that works well and that is Green Skyline CBD N. For me nighttime relief is vital and this oil helps me get a full night’s sleep without being woken up by painful muscle spasms. I also have an Autistic son who takes the daytime Green Skyline CBD daily. He has fewer ticks and stems less when given the daytime line. I am extremely pleased with this product. It has brought me and my son much-needed relief. I am a grateful customer for life.